director’s statement

mum with boats

My mother passed away suddenly on January 16, 2004 due to a stroke. And since then, I have always wanted to make this film.

5 years have passed and the events depicted in this film have not changed. They continue to have a life of its own, evolving in different ways, a constant reminder to the family that my mother is gone forever. Grieving grows on you and lingers on. Hence, the title for this short film, Linger.

The initial story of Linger manifested itself in the form of a journal that I have started to write frequently. It consisted mainly fragments of thoughts and observation on how the family has changed after my mother left. Gradually, I feel the need to communicate these ideas to an audience and started to piece together a story. The process is tedious and difficult because I am hoping to make a very honest and personal film. Various versions of the story emerge and I realize that the crux of the story actually lies between my father and me, on how we have our own ways of facing such an event.

Somehow through writing, creating, the processes of filmmaking, I have kept my mother alive, constantly in my mind, in my heart and to the people around me, as if she has never left.

It is the act of doing all the above that is my way of dealing with this event, of understanding it and most importantly, of remembering her.

Hopefully when this film gets out into the world, it can help heal others too.

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