Linger is on viddsee


Viddsee is an online social watching service for filmmakers and audience of southeast asian short film viddeos.

Thanks to the wonderful folks Jian & Derek for putting “Linger” up on viddsee for viewing!

You can watch “Linger” by clicking here

Besides my short film, you will be able to catch many other good Singaporean short films via viddsee also.

Clark Theater Screening

clark theater 2012

This is a long overdue post on Linger screening at the CLARK THEATER at Hokkaido University as part of the CON-CAN Asia Program on October 25th to 27th 2012.

More about the screening click

I am grateful nonetheless and really love the Japanese translation of the film title from “Linger” to “残像”. It is not only suitable, but also adds a beautiful new dimension to the film.

Linger is now on youtube

Dear all,

After festival tours, Linger, the entire short film is now finally online for viewing at this link

Do show some love and support! any comments/feedback welcome also! if you like the film, do recommend it to your loved ones too!

Linger screening at the 29th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

Linger will be screening at the upcoming SFIAAFF 2011 in the “Silent Rituals and Hovering Proxies” Shorts Programme on March 13th and 17th.

From Jessie Edwards of the SFIAAFF, about Linger:

“Ming deals with the loss of her mother, while her father grieves differently in this poignant film about memories and accepting the unacceptable. Here, quiet, understated performances resonate louder than copious tears or theatrics.”

For more details on the “Silent Rituals and Hovering Proxies” screening schedule & programme, click here.

Upcoming screenings

Happy to announce that Linger has been selected for the following upcoming festivals:

2010 Damah Film Festival in Hiroshima, Japan. Details of screening and official nominees are up on the website.

2010 Con Can Movie Festival, Tokyo. Online voting will commence soon.

2010 Dawn Breakers International Film Festival, November 26 – 27 in San Diego.

24 Stunden von Nürnberg, international short film festival on November 12th and 13th 2010 in Germany.

Many thanks to the above festivals for selecting this mini film of mine 🙂


Indie Can!

Linger will be screening at the Indie Can Film Festival on Oct 1 2010, Friday, Program 3 (8:50pm to 10:30pm) at the Innis Town Hall theater in the University of Toronto.

The Indie Can Film Festival will screen almost any indie works that is submitted regardless of the genre/style!

Many thanks to the Festival Director, Lucy Disimino.

Encore screening for Linger at Sinema 14 Sep 2010

Due to overwhelming response to “The Oriental Show” session on 31 August (full house), Sinema has scheduled another encore screening on 14 September 2010, Tuesday 7:30pm. If you missed out on the previous screening or will like to watch Linger and the other short films again you can book tickets here! Admission is still FREE.

It’s my first time screening my short film at Sinema and I must say we had a really good crowd that day. Thanks to the many friends, cast (Michael & Vel) and crew who came down to support. It was also a very fulfilling experience for me to get direct feedback about Linger from the audiences too.

Q and A session after the screening:

there were about 110 audiences that night….

I’m the one with the mic 🙂 Seated from the right – Neil, Liew Shi Xiong, Ting Szu Kiong, Sanif Olek (moderator for the night), Michael Tay, Eunice Wong & Kimberly Leng

a  funny photo of all of us the filmmakers ….

Special thanks to Alicia and the Sinema team for the photos 🙂